Friday, 2 March 2012

Carver street crawl!

I have forgotten how much I loveeee Thursdays in Sheffield! I haven't been for SO long due to going out Tuesday's and Wednesday's and being too hungover for a Thursday but last night was amazing! Met some really fun people and sipped champagne all night! Felt so odd on the dance floor with a champagne flute surrounded by everyone with their vodka and lemonades! Massive time! Anyway my new hair curlers arrived and it is safe to say I LOVE them! Me having super long hair I thought it wouldn't really give me the Victoria's secret angel curls I wanted but I was proven very wrong! They are babyliss thermo -something heated rollers and I got them off eBay for about £16! I left them in for 3 hours and voila! very wise investment piece if i do say so myself ;) I wore my topshop boutique silk shorts, topshop foil gold vest, huge turquoise rock ring which looks like half the grand canyon is resting on my finger but I love it! Bigger is always better! Oh and I wore my new kurt geigers! Well technically they are carvela but it's the same brand and kurt Geiger just sounds better! I promise i will take a proper photo of them soon!
Felt a million dollars last night :o) .... Not so much this morning when I was getting up at 8am for uni!


scousewive claudia!

the ring!!

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