Wednesday, 28 March 2012

ok sorry but HOWWW amazing is this weather!!?!?

today in sheffield it was 20 degrees! its been really hot for the last few days too, so my days have consisted of sunbathing on the park with really good company! :o) maybe after dropping out of uni once before already you would think i would make the conscious effort to make sure my attendance is 100% but this sun is TOO good to miss! it makes me laugh when i see people write facebook statuses and tweets about the lush weather when you can tell they are just sat inside on their computer hahahaha
heres a little photo from today!

reeeeeeeeeeeeally excited for tommorow, i have a boring seminar 9-11 but then straightttt after that im meeting my housemates in town for another all day session yessssssssssss
its the varsity final! and i still have FUCK ALL to wear tommorow hopefully il be too drunk to care/not drunk enough to ruin my night, risky!

hope your all making the most of the sun!


  1. pretty

  2. I love your outfit, dead right for the sunny days! Can I ask where your dress is from?


    1. sorry this is so delayed! its topshop doll! xxxx