Monday, 26 March 2012


ok completley irrelavant to this whole blog post but i was in a little american sweet shop with my friend the other day and came across this bacon flavour lollipop?!?!?! GRIM

annnnnnnnnnnnnyway back to the point, sorry i havent blogged for a while been mega busy! i went out with everyone from work last tuesday, we all met at 8.30 and standard retard claudia decided to neck a bottle of wine in about 15 minutes so i was home by like midnight :( annoyingggg! but what i can remember i had such a good night! spent the entire day of wednesday in the recovery position trying to man up to go out that night too which again turned out to be an amazing night, i really dont understand how people manage to have shit nights out all the time because i think its completley down to the company your with! :o)

on sunday it was the mens first teams rugby varisty and greg was playing so we went along to support! it started at 3 so we started drinking at 1 to get in the spirit! the atmosphere at the stadium is amazingggg because there is so much competition between hallam and uni of sheffield! i have never been to a rubgy game before so i didnt know WHAT the hell was going on but i really enjoyed it! the weather was AMAZING too.

becky, sam and I in the taxi on the way there

just casually hanging out the window like a dog.......k then

my outfit of choice, which i also wore with my leather jacket and fur stole (and melted alive in)
no idea why i look about 3cm tall here...!

oh and this is me just in case there hasnt been enough photos of me on here!

got home from varsity and bought a crate of strongbow (WHAT) and carried on drinking on devonshire green in the sunnnnnn....

me and samantha :o)

its the varsity final on wednesday which i am SO excited for even though i think were gonna lose this year :o( but i am even MORE excited for wednesday night! literally the entire world and its mother will be out so i need to look the best i have ever looked ever! knowing me and my bad look i will end up having an ugly hair and makeup day but if this happens i will just have to get extra drunk and over look this matter :o)

does anyone else go to their uni varsity games?!?! i definatley missed out last year!


  1. literally just collected the ticket to my uni's Varsity this afternoon.. so so so excited for it. I love Rugby, I love my friends and I love getting drunk.. perfect day :) hoping the weathers as nice for mine as it was for yours!
    glad you had a good time xx

    1. Btw, I've awarded you the Versatile Blogger award :) I love your blog and think you definitley deserve an award. If you want to look at my post about it it explains what to do next :) xx