Wednesday, 7 March 2012

the bindi!

went to viper rooms again last night (i sware i live there now, absolute bezzies with the doormen!) and had the best night everrrrrrrrrrrrr! i was absolutley hammered and was falling over everwhere at the end of the night, cuts and bruises all down my legs and my dress is covered in dirt so i have obviously faceplanted the floor, classy claudia! this is what i wore:
dress: miss selfridge
shoes: cough (primark) cough
necklace: h&m
AND THE BINDI!!!!!!!! i am so in love with it WHY have i waited so long to introduce it into my life!

we went to SOYO first which is one of my faveourite bars for a few cocktails and jaegerbombs! these are a few photos from the facebook page...

also bumped into daniel, who i had a bit of a thing with last year. you are probably thinking 'hmmm i recognise that portugese looking face' and if so you are correct! he was recently on 'the bank job' on channel 4 and only went and won £43,000!!!!! SO proud of him he really deserves it :o) (and for once i am not being sarcastic!) i know he will probably be reading this so HIYA DANIEL! and for the record no he isnt portugese, and no he didnt even buy me a drink..thanks babe :|

the bindi in all its glory!

surrounded by my fans ;) hahahaha

cringe i know it looks like i have spent about an hour airbrushing this photo on photoshop but vickys camera has a 'beautyfier' mode or something where it makes your skin look perfect... i dont need it anyway because my skin is already flawless ;) hahahahaah oh and WHAT IS THAT STRAND OF HAIR DOING :|

after being taken home by vicky, pembo and sam we arrived back at the house to find two fucking weird boys (one of them who we have met ONCE for like a second) banging on our door and ringing the doorbell for like an hour shouting abuse and waking up all my housemates in the process, so i opened the door and karate kicked his chips out of his hand and they covered his friend in mayo and ketchup then i slammed the door shut and they eventually left (to be fair i would too is mayo was dripping down the side of my head) FUNNIEST THING i have ever seen/done and so perfectly timed! if i was him i would be SO embarrassed but im just thinking why the fuck they were wanting to get in our house so badly? fucking stalker physco weirdos.

I am NOT going out again now till this weekend when i am going to stay with my friends in leeds which i can not WAIT for! i always have the best time there.


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  1. The bindi really suits you!