Saturday, 4 February 2012

work experience day 3 and 4! ♥

WELL, whenever i imagine working in an office i always imagine a huge box of cupcakes being delivered for some reason and guess it happened! when they arrived i nearly laughed out loud because it was SO stereotypical media office to me! anyway they looking amazinggg and were HUGE!

i chose this rose one because it was the cutesttt ♥

today was loads better than yesterday cos i got to be more involved in the actual casting, rather than feeling unproductive. I got to help go through the possible applicants and watch a skype chat wih one of the hopefuls! im going to actually meet one of the girls and film on tuesday next week too which will be so exciting! its really opened my eyes to actually how hard it is to get on these TV shows, if i had known this before i was on sorority girls i would have felt so awkward about how closely strutinised every action i made/word i said was! but it also makes me SO proud that out of thousands i made it!

thursday night me and alex decided to go to one of my faveourite clubs in manchester called sankeys. its so much different to the rest of the clubs in manchester because its not as glamorous, but i always have such a good night there! i will always stay loyal to my trusty eyelure eyelashes (number 145 to be precise) but whilst in primark i noticed these little gems for only £1! what harm can £1 do, so i decided to try them out. i put them on as well as my eyelure lashes, to make my overall lashes as thick and full as possible! anyway long story short they look synthetic and shit and i will never be buying them again the end.

BAD photo of me, i obviously got the wrong side of the lighting and look like an albino but its the only photo i took so i may aswell upload it!

instantly regretted going out when i had to get up after 3 hours sleep, but nevertheless friday at work was fun as well, im bonding with the rest of the team loads more now and i have never laughed so muc in one day! hello six pack! i have learnt so much about the casting industry this week and cant wait to see what next week will bring!
now im back home to sheffield to work, then back to manchester on sunday! i am abso LOVING living with alex by the way! it actually feels like i have moved in with her which is hilarious and its made me realise how much i have missed her and also how much we are alike! kardashian sisterssss!♥

has anyone else done work experience in a similar role?
i cant wait to move onto magazines! my next door neighbour is an editor and can get me experience at 'grazia' magazine when im ready!

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  1. That rose is so cute. Thats really cool you can get work experience at grazia! Have fun x