Saturday, 11 February 2012


ok so basically i have been seeing someone on/off since decemeber, i think i might have mentioned him a few times on this blog actually, but ANYWAY its valentines day in THREE FUCKING DAYS and i have no idea what to do for it, like am i going to go out and get hammered like i have done every year since forever??? or is he going to be taking me out?!?! and if he is then do i buy him a present? just buying a card by itself seems pretty lame, but what if hes got me something and i havent got him anything? that is gonna be SO awkward....cos he keeps looking at my pandora bracelet lateley as if hes trying to remember the ones i havent got i.e intending to buy me another charm?!
to be fair i would massively appriciate a bottle of this..

even though i dont even really like champagne its pink and its cute and it has valentines day written allllll over it

RIGHT im just gonna go along with the plan that i have no idea whats happening.... and if he takes me out and gets me a present i will make up an excuse that i bought it in manchester last week and iv left it there...and if he doesnt take me anywhere then i quite enjoy viper rooms on tuesdays anyway....and at least then i will know that every boy there is single! #bonus hahahahahaha


p.s HOW cute is this!

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