Monday, 20 February 2012

summer 2012!

yep, i understand my face looks horrendously obese in that photo, but it was the day of the fantasy boat party in aiya napa last summer which was probably one of the best days of my life!
moooooooooooooving onto this summer! my brother is currently living in america (near the big apple!!) so me and my parents and my other brother are going to visit him in may! (if stupid exams dont get in the way). just want them to book my flight now so i can start starving myself in preparation to gorge on all the amazing american food when i get over there! lucky charms for EVERY meal i sware.
NEXT i need to get my parklife weekend ticket! loadssss of my friends are going this year, and i went with my friend rachel two years ago when it was only a one day festival, and had the best day ever! it was SO hot and sunny and my first proper experience of a festival!....kinda....

THEN after parklife im going to marbellaaaa!!!!!! with a group of my favey girls from home! they have all been before so they know all the best places to go so i am VERY excited!
probs gonna have to work in between all these holidays and festivals cos then im going to the ibiza closing parties for 8 days in september with livvie and hayls!
i am a MASSIVE ibiza virgin so i just cant waitttt to finally see what the fuss is about ;)

summer 2012 is actually going to be amazeeeballs...better get saving :|



  1. You're brother is lucky to be living near the big apple! I was in New York last week - this is my write up of day one - and had such a great time. The food is great and the portions are soso big! You'll love it for sure ox

  2. Praise the lord I'm not the only shoe whore out there! If your still interested in that photoshoot email me on :) x