Monday, 13 February 2012

feeling good!

last night i was boredddd, so i ended up going to the pub with my housemate jess for something to eat. we never get to spend time together anymore so it was really nice :o) anywayyy this quicklyyyy turned into 4 bottles of wine and me waking up at 5am led on my bedroom floor wondering how the hell i got back! anyway, whenever i drink wine i always wake up reallllllyyyy early which was pretty lucky as i had my first lecture of 2012 today at 10am! i was so excited to be back at uni after my work experience (massive geek) so i hauled myself out of bed and got my hungover ass to uni! i met a reallllyyy nice group of girls who i have found out are in my new module which is mint because we really get on and it feels SO good to finally meet some new people who i enjoy spending time with! we got a starbucks after the lecture and then i walked (so hard to believe) all the way home from uni! im gonna try and do it every day because i am obese.

feel like i can take on the world today!

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