Saturday, 11 February 2012

Day 8 & 9 !

okkkk so my last two days i got given so much more responsibility, i was given a list of things to buy and money and had to go into town and buy props/equipment/post parcels which was fun because i had a lot more freedom and its fun to get out the office doing new things!
also because thursday night was my last night staying at alexs house, her housemate suzanne cooked me my faveourite meal (a christmas dinner hahahha) as our last supper together and i bought all the housemates LOADSSS of millies cookies as a little thankyou for looking after me for two weeks! it was SO sad to leave i cant wait to revisit!

SUCH a grim photo of me but massive thankyou to endemol for letting me have the opportunity to work with them! i had a really insightful and fun 2 weeks and learnt a lot!

i arrived back in sheffield last night to loads of parcels that had arrived for me from all the online shopping i had done last week which was a nice suprise! sam stayed over and we spent the night eating carbs and watching serial killer documentaries!

have a good weekend guys!

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