Monday, 27 February 2012

hello new followers!

first of all im gonna apologise i havent blogged for AGES!! iv been too busy browsing through everyone elses blogs and realising how much better they look than mine! i want a nice layout and a cute header and nice font and all my photos to be the same size but im rubbish with html codes so if anyone would like to help me out i would appriciate it! :o)
anywayyy last week was my first week back at uni! i must say some modules are kinda hard to understand but overall i would still say i am massively liking my course! met some fun new people aswell which is a huge breath of fresh air, and me being a social butterfly i just love being around interesting opinionated people!
me and sam went out wednesday night again, i wore my new tiger print dress and loosly curled my hair and got loadssss of compliments about how i looked which is always good to know!

still wearing one of my rollers!

now then, im gonna apologise for the 'mirror pics' they are SO cringe but people keep asking me to do outfit posts on here and i cant use self timer on my iphone and i feel a bit cringe doing it but this will have to do! hahaha, anyway i met my mum in manchester on thursday for a day of shopping and dinner! VERY VERY unflattering photo but im wearing a snake print open back blouse from topshop, high waisted leggings from topshop, and black chelsea boots from wait for it.....topshop! hahahaha oh wow.

we ate at yo! sushi for dinner and i am their new biggest fan! cant believe i have waited this long to eat there it was amazing! its so fun grabbing the little plates off the conveyor belt, and there is so much choice! it says the calories on each item on the menu too (which can be considered a good and a bad point) and there are cute little japanese desserts too! or is it chinese?!?! and on each little table you have a little pot of sliced ginger, wasabi, soy sauce and two little taps coming out of the table, one with sparkling water and one with still! adoreable! i got chicken katsu curry i am obsessed! ♥ oh and i am a massive fail at using chopsticks so i had to eat everything with a wooden spoon :| haha

i will try and do a haul of the things i bought, (spent way over £100 ooopssss) but one of the things i bought was this cutie little jumper from mango, how cute is it! iv never really been one for big chunky jumpers but i have really wanted one recently, and i love the pastel colours in this one! i wore it to uni on friday and got so many compliments! :o)

right this is gonna make me sound like SUCH a dosser but i have wanted one of these fur things for agessss (think its called a 'stole') and someone left one after work last week, and my manager said if no one collects it in the next week i was allowed to keep it.... and ta-daahhhhhh!!! i dont even care that iv basically stolen it off someone else im in LOVE!!! cruella deville!

p.s the black mark on my cheek is my dirty mirror not a beauty mark!
also in this photo you can see my pandora bracelet which is my faveourite thing in the entireeeeee world and i never EVER take it off! although it was a gift from my ex-boyfriend, who bought me the bracelet and TEN CHARMS(!!!!!!!!!!) friends and family have also bought me charms for it and i love the fact each one means something to me! obviously when i fill it up completley i will start getting rid of the ones he got me, something which i should have done over a year ago but i dont want my pandora to look empty! (vain bitch hahaha!)

will try and update again soon!


  1. Stunning!! & I want your wardrobe, you have such nice clothes! xx

  2. I love your taste in clothes!! So pretty!!



  3. Ahhh your fit stuff aren't ya! Keep the outfit posts coming, love your style :)