Thursday, 16 February 2012

my week so far!

okkkkk so tuesday was v-day! long story short i ended up going out with three of my friends, having a HUGE argument with dave and coming home early and basically had a shit night. BUT i did get my usual valentines day card from my mum dad and my kittens! (and £60 as a lil v-day treat)

heres what i wore
dress - topshop

oh i went for a cute romantic meal at 'rice' with a girl i used to work at john lewis with. SUCH a nice restaurant we had spring rolls for starters and chicken katsu for our main which is definatleyyyy a new obsession it is AMAZING.

i have done the unthinkable....after years of hating on red lipstick i have only gone and flipping bought some! im getting bored of nude/foundation lips and wanna mix things up a little bit! one tiny step for HUGE step for claudia wright! i cant get used to seeing myself in the mirror with a red pout!
but look how white my teeth look! ;)

on wednesdays in sheffield all the sports teams dress up and the american football team were spartans this week (very original) and everyone knows thats if your gonna get basically your entire body out then it needs to be SUPER tanned to look good so obviously i was the first port of call to put my tanning expertise to good use! andy actually looked SO much better with a healthy glow (kinda forgot to tell him it doesnt wash off easily though...oops) and ash is black already so i didnt really see the point of tanning him???? maybe he just wanted the experience.

my outfit of choice! i do realise i am basically wearing knickers, but embrace is a huuuuuge club and i didnt wanna get sweaty and ruin my makeup by wearing loads of clothes. PLUS everyone dressed like a slut so whatever.

just a few photos from the night!


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  1. I LOVEEEE your shorts :D Nice to see another blogger from sheffield :) xxxx