Thursday, 9 February 2012

work experience day 6 & 7!

WELL tuesday was such a random day....i had to get the train all the way to GLASGOW to pick up a MEMORY STICK :| i know what your thinking 'all that way for a usb' but the casting office needed it asap and to post by courier it was hideously expensive, so it was cheaper to buy me an £80 train ticket and send me! it was 3 and a half hours travelling each way, so i stocked up on food and magazines but to be fair i ended up sleeping most of it, easiest day ever! i was excited to go to glasgow cos iv never been before, but i was actually only on glaswegien grounds for about half an the train station :| thrilling.

anyway when i got back me and alex couldnt be bothered to make anything proper for tea so we bought a whole chicken from sainsburys hehehehehe, felt like an absolute bodybuilder on a protien hype! #getrippedordietrying p.s how vile does it look hahahahaa

on wednesday i was jetsetting around the UK again but this time to street cast innnnn...liverpool! got a bit over excited with my scousebrow that day, didnt wanna get shown up by the real scousers did i! ;) anyway we went to lime studios which is where hollyoaks is filmed! stalked a few of the cast and had a little tour of the set which was fun! NO idea why a huge essex sign was there but i had to have a photo!

also bumped into my best pal john lennon!

wednesday night in manchester is the night where all the sports teams dress up and go out (same as back in sheffield). Alex plays waterpolo and the theme was french for some random reason! bit cringe but i was forced decided to join in with what else than the sluttiest french maid outfit i could find! literally didnt even cover my arse cheeks but sensible simon over here bought some little hotpants after work on tuesday so i wore those underneath. to be fair they are basically knickers anyway so it didnt make much difference but what the hellllll! the rugby boys were dressed as hulk hogan and the womens football team were desperate scousewives....aka...they put a bit of fake tan on...wild :| anyway it was a very eventful night and lets just say i was NOT very sigma gamma!

only one more night left with alex in manchester now boo hoo hoo :( i wanna stay here forever! alex has waterpolo tonight so one of her housemates is making me my faveourite meal....a christmas dinner!
hope everyones having a fun week!
p.s hiya new followers!! :o)


  1. towie is produced by lime studios which is why there was an essex sign!

  2. You should post more outfit of the day photos along with tags of where you got each item :) Love reding those kind of blogs & love your style missis! xxx