Tuesday, 7 February 2012

today was a VERY memorable day

i finally had dinner at the red hot buffet!!!!!!!!! i have been wanting to go ever since one of my friends told me about it almost THREE years ago and today my wishes came true! basically its a huge buffet restaurant where they have food from EVERY part of the country! for example in the indian section the have all the curry and bhajis and naan bread etc, italian they have pasta and pizza, chinese they fry you up whichever noodles and choice of meat and vegtables you want, tex mex, japanese sushi, fish and chips and roast beef and literally everything!!!! i met alex (one of my best friends who i met on sorority girls) after work and our eyes were DEFINATLEY bigger than our little bellies! i almost wanted to cry when we left because i felt so sick and obese but it was SO worth it! it was also so good to see my little baby alex as i havent seen her in almost a month since the skulls&bones launch party!
anyway this is just a TINY selection of the amazing dessert section, it was like wonderland! there was apple crumble and belgium waffles with hot chocolate sauce and creme brulee and tiramisu and brownies and cheesecake and just everything! i couldnt take too many photos as everyone was staring and i felt like an undercover spy or something...bit awkward!

i will definatley not be eating for the next few weeks!

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