Thursday, 2 February 2012

BBC three work experience! Day 1 and 2 ♥

Ok, so I must admit my experience got off to a slow start. I think it was because I was overthinking what I thought I was going to be doing and getting a bit ambitious. On the first day my job was to search the Internet for possible 'snog marry' candidates. Impossible. What on earth was I meant to type into google/Facebook???! 'orange sluts' 'mutton dressed as lamb' ??! So 8 hours of pretending to look busy dragged, as you can imagine. Oh I forgot to add I also learnt how to make my first cup of coffee, along with about 939218393 cups of tea.
Day 2 consisted of the same thing until after lunch, where I was let loose on th streets of Manchester, handing out flyers as basically trying to publicise the show as much as possible, and create a buzz in order to entice possible candidates in and get them to apply. This was fun, until about 3 hours later when my nose was on the verge of turning blue and dropping off my face. I couldn't feel my hands or face so it became SO hard to look enthusiastic, so I was allowed to go home.

To be continued!

my outfit for day 2!

cutie new nails! back to my nude obsession♥♥

while i was going round health clubs/beauty salons/taning shops with drew i met a man who has actually been bitten by a shark!!!!! anyway who knows me will understand how excited i got because i have been obsessed with sharks (in particular great white sharks) since forever but i have never met anyone who has been attacked! sounds cringe but its SO fascinating i wish i could have stayed for longer to talk more about it but i think he thought i was taking the piss cos i dont think by looking at me i would strike anyone as a shark fanatic!

loooking forward to tommorow!


  1. sounds really great, so jealous I'd love an internship like this :(

  2. i love your blog:)
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