Friday, 27 January 2012

worst most stressed frustrated mood EVER :(

you know when your in one of those hungover moods where you just overthink everythingggg in massive detail? yeah im in one of those :| i feel like i have outgrown some of my friends and im stuck in a rut and just need new people around me who have the same sense of humour and enjoy all the things i enjoy and just are FUN! i cant be dealing with negativity or cranky people right now. i just want all my lectures to start again at uni so my time is full again and i just keep thinking what if i just dropped out again and got a full time job which i love and buy my own amazing flat like one of the ones they have on 'desperate scousewives' and have loads of money so i can buy louboutins and every other rediculously expensive item i have wanted forever and eat out every night so i never have to cook for myself again and meet loads of interesting funny new people and go to exclusive parties and just basically live my life how i have always imagined! i cant drop out of uni AGAIN though because i love my course, and if i dropped out then decided i hate the working world i wouldnt be able to afford to come back :( anyway im still in touch with one of the producers of sorority girls and i wrote on her facebook about getting work experience within the media industry and another lady has written back asking me to email her my CV! ....could be the start of something beautiful! but this is one of the issues i CV has NOTHING media related on it as all i have ever done is work in retail and a tanning salon (standard claudia) and i am one of those people who can NOT for the life of me describe myself on paper! i am a COMPLETLEY different person to meet! any old boring loser can write 'confident' 'outgoing' or 'enthusiastic' on a CV and when you actually meet them they are about as interesting as my toe nail! anyway its not going to hurt if i email her and explain, but im guessing she knows about sorority girls anyway so hopefully she knows what i am like as a person and has an amazing job lined up for me working within the talent department for MTV and im going to be rich beyond my wildest dreams!!

......ok maybe a little too optimistic claudia

sorry just had to get this depressing post off my chest!


  1. Cheer up! You could be me... hilight of my day was finding a pack of wide straws in morrisons so I can make my boyfriend milkshakes n give him wide straws so the pieces of blended chocolate dont get stuck in the thin straw. woohooooo! x

  2. Heyy we all have those days :( currently feel like everything's catching up with me atm and am undecided about uni now cos i despise my course and i'm bascally just paying for the lifestyle! Are you glad you dropped out your first time and changed your mind? xxx