Monday, 16 January 2012

who says nothings free??

As of Saturday, Boots & Clinique have teamed up to give away free mascara's by just handing in your old ones!
Just take in any old mascara that you have laying around , can be any brand and it can be empty and hand it into the Clinique counter at boots and they will return you with a brand new mini mascara.
There's a choice of two mascara samples: High Lengths (5ml) and High Impact (4ml). They're about half the size of the normal ones (7 and 8ml).
This great deal is only running until the 1st of February or while stocks last and is saving you around £8 on a brand new Clinique mascara.
Im popping into town tommorow and i have about ten thousandddd mascaras lurking around my room so i will definatley be handing one in for a clinique sample!



  1. Hiii i love your blog too! I'll be happy to help out with the layout :)! Just email me if you want to cause it will be easier to explain things that way rather than comments:) xxxxx

    PS definitely taking some mascaras in I have way too many laying around!! x

  2. Love the blog hun! Happy to be your newest follower <3 Can't wait to read more!

    Visit sometime, and follow back?