Monday, 30 January 2012

sorority girls has been sold to america!

yesss thats right! airing on january 31st on TLC! suchhh a exciting thing to happen as TLC is so popular in america :D no doubt i will find out what the americans think of me on be fair i have received a few negative comments but whatever! i love opinionated people so its nice to know people feel that strongly that they feel the need to find me on twitter and write to me! i just laugh it off, but if im being honest i have literally got 99% supported nice complimenting tweets rather than bitchy ones! a few of the best were that i looked pregnant in the first episode, im orange, my makeup looks shit and that im a slag! nice!
speaking of twitter i forgot to mention one of my most memorable moments of 2011...when i was trending on twitter! this will sound like the lamest thing ever to anyone who doesnt have a twitter account but it was surreal knowing i was the second most talked about topic in leeds that day!

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  1. Lol, I'm Twitter obsessed so I might have died of pride had my name been trending! Good for you. Don't listen to the haters chica... In the past two weeks I've been called 'shallow', 'as attractive as a tramps tes***le', 'thick', 'a b*tch' and was told that if the hater was me they would 'kill themselves'. When you're succeeding, the haters will come! How exciting about being aired in the USA... they're in for a rude awakening about their 'tea and scones' stereotypes they seem to have for us... I can't wait!