Wednesday, 4 January 2012

new years eve!

So, as i work in a cocktail bar, nye is obviously a huge night! this year it was a ticket only, VIP, black and gold event! when i arrived the bar looked amazinggg, curtains draped everywhere and a red carpet as well as the huge christmas tree on the outside terrace it just looked amazing! we served canapes twice throughout the night, and they were all things like fois gras and all these weird looking pates so i didnt bother trying any myself! normally busy nights are hell on earth but everyone was looking amazing and in such a good mood, and we were all drinking behind the bar too which makes everyyything better! at midnight i had to stand on the bar as well as the other waitress doing the same on the other side of the bar and at 12 we burst these huuuge confetti cannons it was amazing! but the biggggest suprise of the night was a certain boy (who i have been on two dates with) paying for him and his friends to get in (£20 each!!) JUST so he could kiss me at midnight!!!!!! it was the cutest moment in the world! especially because (as sad as it sounds) i have never had a new years kiss!

it was the best possible start to (what will hopefully be) an amazing year!
how did everyone else celebrate new years?

p.s there was a photographer taking photos throughout the night, and im in a few so when i see them i will upload one to this blog entry! excuse the fact i will be in my waitress uniform! hahah

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