Wednesday, 11 January 2012

MAC penultimate brow marker

In the last few months I have suddenly developed a huge obsession with eyebrows, I love huge, well defined, dark amazing eyebrows! This is how i usually draw them on (excuse the creepy, eyelash free facial expression, and i know my eyebrows need threading also...embarro) -

So when my brother asked me what mac products I wanted for Christmas, obviously I chose an eyebrow tool! I chose the 'penultimate eyebrow marker' used to define the shape of the brow before colouring it in.

It was boxing day, and I was getting ready for a night out so I thought perfect opportunity to try out my new treats! (I also got MAC prep and prime face primer which can I just add is AMAZING) I applied my three different foundations (awkward) and was about to use the brow marker and it hardly even showed up on my face! It was like an old dried up felt tip which has had the lid left off for a week. NOT IMPRESSED MAC.

Has anyone else tried the penultimate brow marker??

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  1. i have been obsessed with eyebrows for a couple of months now, the eyebrow kits are amazing! i was looking at the brow marker the other week, glad i didnt buy it now!