Sunday, 15 January 2012

Last weeks antics!

ok so after being in bed all day with sam on thursday, she left at around 6pm and at about 9pm i got a phone call from dave asking if i want to come for a 'few' drinks at a bar in town with his friends, i do not take much persuading when it comes to going out so i rang sam and we decided to go...anyway...a 'few' drinks turned into getting abso hammered and ending up in a club and strolling in a 4am!

these are my amazing cute shoesies i wore! (topshop)

casual vanity photo ;)

me, sam, pembo casey and dave :o)

absolutley DYING in bed! hahahahha

i had booked my coach to newcastle for 1pm aswell so as you can imagine that as the worst 4 hour journey in the world :| all caitlins friends came round when i got to hers in newcastle to pre-drink, which was hilarious then we went to a club called riverside and because it was her birthday we got SO much free champagne and vodka! the thought of it now just makes me shudder!

ONLY photo i managed to take boo hoo :( but caitlins friends took some so i will upload when i track them down!

when i got back to sheffield yesterday dave took me to a place called relish which was AMAZINGGG and then guessed it..MORE cocktails! halfway through the coach journey home i realised i had left my friggin bedroom doorkey in newcastle so i literally had to raid my housemates wardrobes for my date outfit! i had such a good time with him, and now after 5 days straight of drinking i am going to spend today in bed! well, my housemate joannes bed because my room is locked isnt it! :(

have a good weekend!


  1. can you do a post on how you style your hair :)

  2. Hiya Claudia,

    I'm a new follower to your blog. Loved watching Sorority Girls, I was proper pissing myself at some parts. Absoloute nutter - haha love it! Quick question, which fake tan do ya use? I'll try the "layer of fake tan then hairdry my body" routine ;)


    Love, Lauren

  3. aw thankyou lauren! it was such fun to film!....also made me realise the amount of rubbish i come out with hahahaha! i use st moritz funnily enough! il do a post on it soon cos i think its the question i am asked the most! and kavita thanks for the comment! i dont really style it to be fair i just usually backcomb the top and mess it up a little! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Ahhh good old St Moriz! Can't beat it - espesh in the dark shade. Fellow Sheffielder too I see! Good old shiny Sheff. Haha! Think my sister used to work at River Island with you infact.. Elyse Elliott?

    2. oh my god what a small world! yes i remember her :o) xxxxxx

  4. I've just fallen in love with your shoes!

  5. you are stunning! I love your shoes. cute blog. x

  6. I know! Such a small world :) currently following you on Twitter anyways my dear as 'laurensdressing'

    Keep up the good work on the blog! I see you're following mine too, yay!

    Haha xxx