Thursday, 12 January 2012

last night!

my first night out in sheffield this year! i went out with sam and freya, and it was literaly the funniest night ever! we only ended up actually leaving the house at 1am...but somehow managed to roll in at 6am when the club closed at 3.... the phrase 'it was all going fine until that jaegerbomb' springs to mind!
anyway today has consisted of laying in bed with sam all day, eating kfc (then finding out a fully loaded meal has OVER 1000 CALORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!) napping and realising we have ruined our lives once again!
here are a few photos from last night! (i did have one of my outfit but i look obese so im not gonna put it up!)

cant wait for newcastle tommorow! il try and take photos but im always rubbish with my camera when im out!


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