Monday, 30 January 2012

had a really good few days :o)

i worked friday and saturday night which wasnt too bad, and it was one of the bartenders birthdays on saturday night so we all went to a strip club at 4am when we finished work! feels so weird to think our night is only beginning as most peoples are ending! anyway this was an experience! even though all the girls looked like the drugged up girls from taken who are sex trafficked which was awkward! anyway i got home at about 8am after a LOT of drama kicked off, including an arrest (dont worry it wasnt me) and woke up today at 5.30pm! oh hey sleeping beauty! anyway dave came over at 8 and we went to blockbuster and rented 'final destination 5' and 'friends with benefits'. final destination is SO gorey! he left me around midnight with about a million different types of chocolate and sweets so now i am going to be forced to eat them all tonight when i cant sleep :|
ANYWAY tommorow i am heading off to manchester for my work experience on snog marry avoid! i am SO excited, i love the fact i am going somewhere i have never been, working with people i have never met, having no idea what i am going to be doing! i will keep you all updated of course ;)
but before i go i need to -
1. go to uni (i finally start again tommorow yay!)
2. get my nails infilled
3. post something from ebay
4. watch friends with benefits
5. pack my bag for manchester!

what are everyones plans for this week?
oh and please comment this if you have a blog similar to mine (as in lifestyle), i like reading all these beauty blogs, but im more interested in peoples lives as creepy and stalkerish as that may sound!


  1. I like your blog it makes me laugh :) wish I cba to keep up with mine, im so lazy, totally understand the obsession with stalking blogs! xx

  2. umm well mine is a lifestyle blog but reading yours makes my life sound pretty dull dull dull

  3. Hey! I've been reading your blog and I must say it's a damn good read! I was wondering if you may be interested in modelling/doing a photo shoot, I'm studying photography at Huddersfield uni and thought it might be good for your portfolio especially as your on your way to fame ;) Anyway! give me a shout if your interested x

    1. oh my gosh yes i would love to that sounds so fun! and yay i love knowing people like reading my blog! xxxxxx

    2. Ace! well do you want to leave me your email address so I can email you and we can arrange it :D looking forward to hearing from you :) x