Wednesday, 25 January 2012

ed sheeran.

okay so i cant put my finger on how i feel about this man. 'the a team' was raved about and put on TOO many facebook statuses for my liking, and all the songs are all so cutesy and soft so i can only listen to one or two at a time before i have to put some nicki minaj or j cole on! ANYWAAAAAAAYYY the whole point of this post, i noticed on twitter that he has announced two more tour dates in london for october, and how many people were struggling to get tickets. god must love me today, because as soon as i clicked on the link it went straight through to payment processing! i must just have a magic touch ;) i bought two standing tickets for october 16th and i know your probably thinging what the hell claudia you have spent half this post slating the poor guy and then you buy tickets!?!?! well NO i am not going to watch the show im gonna get my alan sugar on and flog them on eBay! i know its a bit bad making real fans pay hideous amounts but COME ONE im a student! and fyi, a few years ago, i sold 2 beyonce tickets which were £55 each (on the upper tier) for £411!!!!!!!!!! obviously im not expecting this from ed sheeran, but i can easilyyyyy get over £100!....and there just so happens to be a pair of kurt geigers i have my eye on......



  1. He depresses me so bad haha! I wanna get knife out when his songs come on seriously! And I thought him out of harry potter was him in the lego video ha! Text my mate saying omg dint know ed sheeran was him outa harry potter. duur

  2. Haha good on you, I'd do the same, I contemplate it every year when the festival ones are released but my bank balance never allows! xxx

  3. Hahahaha excellent! I hope you make lots of money on them! xx