Wednesday, 11 January 2012

nails done hair done everythanggg BIGGGGG

finally got my hair done today! i always hateeee getting my hair cut by new hairdressers in case it looks horrible! i went to the avenue after buying a voucher from groupon, and i will definatley say i will be returning! i thought because it was a groupon voucher i would get the basic treatment, done quickly and not really get much effort put into my hair. but charlie (the hairdress) spent ages with my while i faffed about how i wanted my hair, used conditioning treatments, cut it exactlyyy how i wanted it AND gave me a big blowdry and hugeeee victoria secret model curls!
so so happy!
and to celebrate daves taking me out for drinks then im getting my grind on tonight with the girls!

have the bestttt day,


  1. really love the curls and that you're a proper consistent blogger, did you get your hair dyed? it looks lights :)

  2. Love your hair :) thanks for following my blog! Xx

  3. You look amazing! Those curls are just gorgeous! xxx

  4. love your blog, can i just ask how do you do your makeup? especially your eyebrows I would love to get mine looking like that haha :):) xx

  5. aw thanks girls! i am now obsessed with blogging so happy people enjoy reading!!! no i havent died it, might jut be the sunbeds lightening it :o) and il try and do a post about my makeup fir you lizzie! xxxxxxxx