Tuesday, 10 January 2012

happy january guys!

i still cant believe its 2012! january is gonna be such a good start to the year, my law exam was today and it went prettyyy well! except for the fact i didnt realise we could leave when we had finished so i was sat rearranging the charms on my pandora bracelet for an hour :| we have no opportunity to resit so i NEED to get at least a pass! anyway, this week daves taking me out for dinner again, and i think im going out weds night, and then thursday me and jess are going to newcastle to stay with caitlin! i am SO excited because not only am i spending a few days with 2 of my favey girls, im finally getting the chance to go out in newcastle! its a shame its a friday cos aparantly mondays and tuesdays are the best nights, but this is just gonna call for a re-visit! :D then next week its markos basement party which is gonna be amazinggg as per and i have missed rachel and marko and the rest of the housemates! also a second job is on the cards (fingers crossed) im gonna finally join the gym, and book my flights to THAILAND!!!!

oh and im getting my hair done tomorrow, but i have NO idea what style to get! at the moment i love the colour, length and the fact i have a middle parting.....so basically everything hahahaha! but i just feel like i need a change! heres a photo of how long it is atm....

now im going to have a mexican salad with two of my housemates! sounds veryy interesting!

enjoy today!

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