Friday, 27 January 2012


after my depressing post last night! after being on sorority girls and seeing how all the behind the scenes stuff works it really appealed to be something i would like to perhaps pursue as a possible career after university! (if i dont get famous, obviously). anyway so i contacted sinead who worked on the show and who i absolutely ADOREEE and one of her friends asked me to mail me her CV, and asked if i would like to get some experience working on the bbc three show 'snog marry avoid' next week! SO last minute so i am really nervous but sooo excited! its in manchester, but i have lots of friends currently studying there so i have lots of accomodation to pick from :o)
really lifted my mood and i cant wait to call my mum and tell her! definitley put me in an amazing mood and dont worry i will keep you allllll updated! one step closer to my goal of working for MTV!
just waiting for her to call me with the details :o) oohh i might even meet jenny frost! hahahahaha

does anyone else work in the media industry?


  1. Congratulations! Hope you have a good time :)


  2. I want to be a journalist for E! News :D enjoy snog marry avoid, bet you'll have a well good time xo

    1. thankyou! hopefully it will just get the ball rolling for me...i wanna work for MTV eventually! xxxx

  3. Woweee thats so cool! I love that programme. Youre so lucky! Good luck :) xx

  4. Ohh well done honey! I love that show