Friday, 30 December 2011

sorority girls!

for those who didnt know, this september i filmed a TV show for e4 called Sorority girls!
however, after watching the whole series, and speaking to the other girls, we feel the ratings were no where NEAR as high as they could have been, for one reason...they didnt feature US enough! fair enough, iff they wanted to focus more on the american girls, why not just do a show about american societies!? the first half of episode one i thought was boring, and if i wasnt on it then i would have switched over after about 10 minutes! i had the best month of my life filming it, so why has hardly any of our funny moment been edited into the show?! each time we were in the diary room it was our only chance to show our true colours and be a little bitchy and silly, but NON of this was shown?! WHY?! i couldnt even tell you this. i can remember so many hilarious times in the house when the cameras were filming...and NON of this was shown! lots of the production team encouraged us to be more outrageous with our comments, and i bet even they are pissed off that the editors have put non of it in.

for those who watched the show, and supported me on it thanks so much! even now its so bizarre being asked for photos when im out in clubs and bars, and i have almost 2 and a half thousand twitter followers which is madness! i would love some more TV work to have come off the back of this show, but i doubt that will happen now as sorority girls was, dare i say it ...a little boring!!!

love from controversial claudia...hahahhaa


  1. I loved Sorority Girls!! I do agree with you though that they focused on the american girls too much, I always interested to know more about what was going on in the house! You were hilarious in the show and were someone I think girls watching related to which will work in your favour if you want to do more tv work! Try find an agency and get signed up! Good luck in 2012 :) x

  2. I love ur blog <3 plz check mine out and add if u like it :) follow me ill follow you

  3. It was boring that the put the American girls intro at the beginning of EVERY show, and that Dominique was so annoying, but I LOVED the show and would deffo love to see a second series :) With more girls like you in it though, and less girls like Katie LOL xx

  4. Seemed more like a cult at times ha, too much crack Claudia, intrigued how none of you punched Katie! xxx