Friday, 30 December 2011


i am going to new york for 2 weeks in may for my birthday, and thailand for 3 months in summer with three of my best friends. i currently have about £600, and from my one job i get about £280 a month… REALLY need to get a second job asap if i wanna pay for all this!

return flights to thailand -£500

spending money for thailand- £1500

spending money for NYC- £1000

SO basically i need £2400…which i would be able to get £1400 of if i didnt spend any money at all until may…which is never gonna happen :| but im gonna extend both my otherdrafts which is only about another £400 but every little is gonna help! but this means from now on NO UNNECESSARY SPENDING! and if it is, then im just gonna have to do loads more hours to make up for it! basically i need to be making around £450 a month at work. i am determined to have the bestttt summer ever! not to mention i will come home TINY and TANNED to high heaven! yayyyyy


  1. So jealous about Thailand, I really wanna go there! Have you booked NY yet? If not we stayed in a really nice hotel down 34th Street called Affinia Dumont, was quite close to walk to Times Square etc so if you haven't got one look into Affinia hotels, theres a group of them :) xxxx

  2. I went to NY in october, I think you'll love it! Any hotel in manhattan is acc really good, as NYC is in a grid, so its easy to get from one place to another. And may time it should be nice and warm almost like summer :)