Thursday, 29 December 2011

recent purchases!

i have been spying on a few of your blogs, and noticed that lots of people take photos of recent purchases and things like that, so i have decided to aswell! i love seeing what other people buy, and as a MASSIVE shopoholic myself, iv decided to do the same, so heres a few things i have bought in the last few days!

gold sequin cami from topshop, this was in the sale for £15! i love tops that i dont have to wear a bra with hhahahaha, i just think they look alot sexier without big ugly bra straps! but ONLY with a nice tanned back!

these AMAZINGG heeled boots from topshop were a measley £40! so excited when i bought them...they are a tiny bit small but i will just put up and shut up!

as you can see these little beauties were half price! i love them so much i bought them in both colours....currently on the hunt for it in gold so hopefully i can find one in manchester tomorrow!

and last but not least these AMAZING shorts!!! i have been trying to track them down since i saw them on chloe green HERE

and i finally found them in topshop on the 'last chance to buy' rail and there was ONE PAIR and they were my size! it was definatley a sign from god that i had to buy them and it was the best desicion of my life! i cant wait to wear them with tights, my heeled boots and a nudey/apricot chiffon blouse!

im gonna try and do lots more blogs like this! and if anyone knows any other blogs like mine let me know and il follow!