Wednesday, 28 December 2011

new years resolutions!

ok, so even though i got a boys name tattooed on my bottom lip, got eliminated from a tv show for being a slut, dropped out of uni and still havent got a boyfriend, 2011 has been an amazing year for me! nevertheless, everyone still makes new years resolutions! im sick to death of seeing the same 'new year new me!' on everyones facebook statuses, its so annoying because fair enough its a new year, but new you?!? how?? are you planning on getting a facelift and new identity?????? didnt think so.
ANYWAAYYYYY.....after much consideration (meaning i have been pondering it ffor about 5 minutes before writing this) these are my new years resolutions!
1. LOSE WEIGHT. i say this EVERY year but i have big plans for 2012 and it involves having a ripped bod which i am prepared to get out at every opportunity!
2. GET AN IPHONE. i am sick to death of this blackberry...yes it does look super cute...but it freezes every 2 seconds which makes me want to launch it at the wall. not to mention i stood on the screen when i was drunk and its gone scrawly and pink :|
3. SAVE MONEY. this will never happen. i can assure you now. but i just thought maybe i might JUST be able to put away at least 50p a month if im careful.....haahahha
4. GET AN AGENT. after appearing on e4's sorority girls i am fame hungry! so an agent is the best way to get me on track! celeb big brother get ready for me! hahahah (kidding.....maybe.)
5. STOP MOANING ABOUT BEING SINGLE. fair enough it has got to the point where its just depressing, but i feel like if i stop thinking about it then things will just pan out :o)

i cant really think of any more, to be fair i quite like the way im living life right now and dont really need many changes!
what are everyone elses resolutions??


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  1. can you do a post about why you dropped out of uni if it's not too nosey to ask x