Thursday, 29 December 2011

its almost 3am...and i cant sleep

so i am going to make a wishlist!

i am sick to my back teeth of this fucking blackberry, yes it is the cutest thing, but iv had it since may 2010 and now its olddd and shit. also my housemate has this app called 'just dance 3' and it is the funniest thing i have ever seen so i need one just for that reason! i think il be able to upgrade in january woohoo! i will have to pay like £150 but i really dont care, ANYTHING to get rid of the berry!.....but this leads me to the dilemma or white?!?! personally i prefer white, but i have a white blackberry and everytime i get off the phone its basically orange! (note to self...stop wearing so much makeup!)

i used to not be such a huge fan of these...the word camel toe springs to mind but recently i have warmed to them! £70 is a little pricey but they are so versatile they would'nt just have to be limited to nights out! im constantly scanning ebay for a pair, and they are going for around £40/£50 which is decent, the only thing stopping me clicking 'but it now' is my love handles! i only want to wear these when i KNOW i look hot in them, and not have to worry if my hips are looking like they belong to the ten tonne teenager!

i have a huuuuge fur obsession right now (faux, of course) and i think a gilet just adds wintery cuteness to any outfit! iv seen a few from topshop that i like, and although they are around £75 i think its something i would definatley get loads of wear out of! i have tried to find a cheaper version but they usually have something ugly on them that just puts me off its, like a knitted hem at the bottom or some pom poms or a hood or something, you get my drift. this is one of my faveourites!

when i saw the naked palette 1, i fell in love. all the rusty, goldy, nude colours are right up my street, and basically the only colours (minus black) that i wear. as a super tanned girl myself, i find they suit me the most and make me look a bit more exotic than the lancashire born girl that i am (unfortunatley). BUT THEN...i discovered the naked palette 2!!! i have never been so excited, as you can see from the photo (naked 1 on the bottom, naked 2 on top) the colours are more glitzy and i am just in love! the colours are Blackout, Booty Call, Busted , Chopper, Foxy, Half Baked, Pistol, Snake Bite, Suspect,Tease, Verve, and YDK. Expected to arrive in the UK around February time, this little beauty can be snapped up on ebay/amazon for around £75 (including delivery) jesus christttt think im just gonna have to wait :(


  1. I absolutely LOVE the fur gilet!! Its gorgeous, I want one! I'm new to blogger too, heres the link to mine -


  2. No idea if this is any use to you, I saw this one or one really similar to it in New Look earlier...

    alot nicer than it looks on the link xxx

  3. ah that looks cute! im tempted to buy! can i sill get a refund if its not okay?? xxxxx

  4. i'm in the same position with my blackberry and waiting for an iphone. i have a black bb so going for white iphone if it's in stock :)