Thursday, 29 December 2011


and all the rest of the boxes similar to this! which one is the best? i am SO tempted to order one as i LOVE recieving things in the post and im always on the search for new beauty products! which one would you reccommend?


p.s HOW adoreable is the box!


  1. I have a carmine box subscription and I love it! x

  2. I'm subscribed to glossybox but it's been a bit disappointing for me recently :( There's one called Boudoir Prive/Joliebox that looks good :) X

  3. I have glossy box and I've just subbed to the Feel Unique Box! I'm looking forward to feel unique, they have good contacts through their site so hopefully its as good as it looks!!x

  4. I would reccomend it for a few months but then make sure you stop! I recieved my first one last month and this month will be my second and last! I think you can spend 12£ a month on a product you really want and not just random ones! :) Look forward to your future posts xx