Wednesday, 28 December 2011

by request....why i dropped out of uni!

WELL WELL WELL. i started university at sheffield hallam in 2010 studying english. i chose this university because i got rejected off the uni's i really wanted to go to (leeds and london) so it was literally a case of my mum yelling out random universities to me and my best friend jess, until she came to sheffield hallam and jess was like 'oh im going there' so i decided to go there too! (worlds worst way to decide but oh well)
i chose english because i enjoyed it at college, and it was the only subject i was really good at! (besides drama, but dramas a strange subject to get a degree in, because i think its something you have to be naturally good at, not spend three years messing about and then end up being a broke failed actress for the rest of my life.) HOWEVER, when i got to uni it was a completleyyyyy different kettle of fish. the lectures were boring, my coursemates each had the personality of a brick wall and i had to read about 384938479384 books a week and complete about 4 2000word essays in 6 weeks. needless to say, i stopped going in after a few weeks and got a full time job in a lingerie boutique for a few months until i jetted off to aiya napa for the summer!

however, i am now back at uni studying journalism and i absolutley LOVE it! :o)

if anyone else wants to request a blog let me know!

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