Wednesday, 28 December 2011

bit of blogging help please!

as you know i am new to the world of blogspot, and it is SO confusing!! how in the world do i follow back people already following me? when i click on the person it just asks if i want to add them as a friend or something nothing about following back!
help appriciated!


  1. if they actually have a blog and not just a blogger account then when you click on the person the name of their blog will come up under 'links', then go on that and just follow like normal! but if there isn't a 'links' section then they don't have a blog!

  2. thankyou! so do you not have a blog then? because nothing comes up only blogs you follow? xxxxx

  3. If you go on your blog and click on the pictures of your followers a button should come up on the top right corner saying follow with google friend connect but it may be different depending on your web browser :) xxx

  4. I think you'll have to message people couse my blog link doesn't come up on when I click on my profile x

  5. thanks im getting the hang of it now! im following you alll! :o) xxxxxxxxx

  6. i used to have one but deleted it, tempted to start again though! :) xxxxxx