Monday, 26 December 2011

as far as covers go,

this is DEFINATLEY the best one i have ever seen. even though i may be slightly biased as these are two of my faveourite songs, but i just love these 2 girls! i would have no clue at ALL how to mash up two songs together, but 'vanjess' just hit the nail on the head! there are 202,766 views on youtube, and i would probably say at least 202,000 are from me alone. i LOVE it! anyway here it is...

and as far as bad cover go....cimorelli. no disrespect as they are a very talented family...but PLEASE stick to things like selena gomez and beyonce! r'n'b/rap is just too embarassing to watch them sing...not just because they change all the swear words (or words that COULD be sexual) but because of the cringy snapbacks and dance moves. cimorelli....just no.
here it is....

they also have a cover of lil wayne-how to love....but i wont even start on that!!!!


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