Monday, 13 May 2019

Have You Tried Floatation Therapy?

I never thought of myself to be someone who gets easily stressed out, but since I moved to London- in a totally different environment with a new job and a new house and new friends- I have found myself to get stressed super easily.

I’ve struggled with anxiety, and with a super active social life combined with my f45 obsession and my job in social media meaning I am always online, I find it hard to switch off. I’ve toyed with apps like Calm and Headspace, and although I’ve had them downloaded on my phone for about 8 months, I’ve probably used each one about three times maximum.

I first found out about Floatworks when I saw a couple of PT’s from my F45 studio upload it on their IG stories, so I had a browse of their website and wanted to try it out ASAP! Basically, you lie in a ‘float tank’ which is a huge pod filled with water, for an hour and just totally switch off. Music plays for the first 10 minutes and the last 5 minutes of the session, but aside from that it’s totally silent.

I thought I was going to get bored around 30 minutes in, but I can’t explain the feeling of just total relaxation- no phones, no people, nothing to think about apart from my breathing.

My time slot was 6-7, which was perfect timing as I got home, made dinner and then slept like an absolute baby!

After doing some reading on the website, I realised that the benefits of floatation therapy are absolutely endless! The key ones I picked out are:

  • Promotes total calm and peaceful relaxation
  • Improves sleep
  • Alleviates stress (mental and physical)
  • Energises, rejuvenates and revitalises
  • Increases motivation, diminishes depression, anxiety and fear
  • Facilitates freedom from habits, phobias and addictions
  • Deepens meditation
  • Expands awareness, intensifies acuteness of all the senses, accelerates learning
  • Enhances hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis
  • Speeds up rehabilitation and recovery
  • Relieves pain
  • Improves circulation and distribution of oxygen and nutrients
  • Reduces blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and oxygen consumption

Have you tried floatation therapy? What did you think?

(I visited the Vauxhall studio of Floatworks)

*session was gifted

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Mothers Day Gift Guide: 2019

As much as I love putting gift guides together, my mum is SO hard to buy for, especially now that I don't live at home so I'm not there to listen out for her mentioning certain things she likes, so I have to guess! 

I've gone for a baby pink theme this year, covering all bases: booze, beauty, practical stuff, homeware and of course, a touch of luxury! All items linked below. Happy shopping!

Monday, 25 February 2019

Having Braces As An Actual 26 Year Old Adult

How I will be smiling from now until July 2019.

I don’t know if I’ve spoken about it enough yet… But if you didn’t know, I’VE GOT BRACES! Not Invisalign- full on train tracks. On the top row and the bottom now. Think Katy Perry in the TGIF video, and that’s what I currently look like.

I get compliments alllllll the time about how straight and white my top teeth are (Crest strips are the one guys) but my bottom row of teeth look like a smashed-up garden fence and I just want everything on my face to be perfect! It’s really annoying that I couldn’t just get braces to sort out the garden fence teeth, but because they would be bringing my teeth out into a neater row, my top teeth wouldn’t sit right so they need to be braced up and rearranged slightly too.


ONTO THE GOOD NEWS (kinda)- I only need them on for 6 months! The method I’ve got is called QST (Quick Straight Teeth) and it’s for people with healthy gums who don’t need tooooo much rearranging. I also couldn’t really eat anything for the first week so I’m a *skinny icon* They don’t hurt at all AND they make my lips look like I’ve had 5ml of filler which I am absolutely loving.

THE BAD NEWS- I can’t really chew anything properly so I will inhale my dinner and still feel starving because I’ve wolfed it down that quick my stomach hasn’t even registered food yet. My cheeks are shredded to smithereens and I can't eat any of the office MAOAM's.

I’ve only had them on for 3 weeks and I feel like it’s been an eternity. 21 weeks to go then it's OVER for you hoes!!!!! (lol jk I've just always wanted to say that ok)

Any tips for keeping the inside of my cheeks intact greatly appreciated guys!
(Done by the fabulous Dr Caitlin Roondog at 47 Dental. Get in touch with her practise if you want the best teeth in town.)

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Why Being an Oversharer Isn't a Bad Thing

At least once a week I see one of those ‘A quiet life is a happy life’ or something else about keeping your boyfriend/girlfriend secret being the key to a long successful relationship. YAWN. I’m an oversharer and I always have been. Partly because I’m usually the loudest one in the room and I always have something interesting to say (modest, I know) but also because people knowing my business really doesn’t annoy me- and that’s the same online. I love making people laugh and I love being at the centre of a conversation, and that usually involves me sharing stories about my tragic Bridget-Jones-esque daily life.

I post a LOT on IG. I really like thinking out loud to my followers on my IG stories and getting the most hilarious responses back. Of course, I get the odd one every so often telling me to stfu which absolutely baffles me because??? You’re?? Still?? Following? Me?????

When it comes to relationships, I see these quotes ALLLLL the time:

  • The best parts of my life didn’t make it to social media
  • Be lowkey, be private, be humble
  • A quiet relationship is a happy relationship
  • Relationships last longer when nobody knows your business

All equally as cringe as each other, but not as cringe as people that share it like it’s the absolute gospel and if you even THINK about setting yourself as ‘in a relationship’ on Facebook with your 10-year strong boyfriend you’re going to burst into flames and he’s going to run off with your mum. I’m currently single, but when I did have a boyfriend (lol) I would post about him all the time! In fact, he featured so regularly on my IG stories that my followers would talk about him to me like they knew him as well which I thought was hilarious! (and quite cute)

When I was younger, and I would go on a date,  I used to do the whole- take a photo of my wine glass on the dinner table in a restaurant and just get a teeny glimpse of his watch in the background- and then act all coy when I got bombarded with WHO IS THAT!!!! messages, but now I’m just over it. I mean, I’m not QUITE at the Tessa Durkin level of doing an IG live on a first date (#ICONIC) but I’m a lot more relaxed about the severity of posting boys on my IG. As in, it’s reeeeally not that deep. If I wanna do it I will, and if I don’t, I won’t. It’s not going to effect the relationship.

Obviously, the quotes above are related to cheating, which brings me to my second point- WHY HAVE A PARTNER IF YOU ARE GOING TO CHEAT ON THEM?! Of course a bloody quiet relationship is a happy relationship cos your 7 different girlfriends don’t know about each other!

Someone else DM’ed me recently and said they never need to check how I am because they see it every day on IG, and I couldn’t decide if it was a compliment or a bit of a dig? On the plus side it means I’m not dead in a gutter somewhere because I’m still posting, but on the downside, I wouldn’t want it to mean my friends to stop contacting me because they get complacent watching me chat shit on the reg online? I mean, as much as I am v. active online, I still like to have a real social life with real people!

I’ve probably been on IG for about 5 years now, and it still really makes me smile when I mention something that happened ages ago, and people reply like OMG I REMEMBER THIS! (Mainly Sorority Girls related stuff because I am still determined to be famous and this is all I’ve got going for me atm so let me live #neverforget) I love that my followers feel like they know me, or can relate to me, or, even though it sounds SO cringey, even if I just make one person smile that day then it makes me smile!

At the end of the day, it’s social media. Everyone has seen the show Catfish- why would you pretend to be someone else online? (YES, I’m just as loud n proud in the flesh)

You have the power to click the unfollow button if you feel like someone is OTT. Keep seeing them crop up? BLOCK THEM! Wanna talk on IG about how your period bled through your jeans that day? DO IT! Dying reply to that fit boys DM even though you have a bf? CHEAT ON THEM! (Ok, so I’m joking about the last one ok)

What are your thoughts about oversharing online? How much is too much?

Sunday, 10 February 2019

February Resolutions

Read more books

No lie, I haven’t touched a book since I was in my first year of uni and had to read Wuthering Heights as part of my first assignment. In fact, I didn’t even read it- I took one look at the thickness of the book and the miniscule size of the text, bought it on DVD which I didn’t realise was SIXTEEN HOURS LONG, then dropped out of the course.

Magazines don’t count unfortunately, and neither does a morning scroll through the Daily Mail app on my phone, but on top of that, I’ve already read TWO books this year, and I’m on my third! Everything I Know About Love – Dolly Alderton and This is Going to Hurt – Adam Kay, both absolutely brilliant and 10/10 would recommend! Now I’m powering through The rules do not Apply – Ariel Levy, so if anyone has any more recommendations….talk nerdy to me.

Stop Binge Eating/Drinking

I’ve just started the F45 8-week challenge, so I’m enduring savage circuit training workouts 3 or 4 times a week. I’m pretty good on the fitness side, but it’s my diet that lets me down. I am SO good during the week, my willpower is unstoppable, howeeeeeeever, as soon as the weekend hits, my diet turns to shit. I mean, who wakes up with a raging hangover and thinks, ‘do you know what I really fancy? 10 almonds.’ NO ONE DOES. It’s Deliveroo or die.

Fortunately, with this f45 challenge, we get a meal plan, support group AND the shame and humiliation of the possibility of losing no weight at the end of it when everyone’s results are shared. Now THERE’S my motivation!

Reduce my Impulse Spending

I nearly wrote STOP impulse buying, but that’s impossible, so I’m gonna try as hard as I can to significantly reduce pissing my money up the wall every month. I’ve got a money tracker app and I’ve hidden all my shopping apps into a little folder on my iPhone to stop me scrolling ASOS new-in section every half an hour.


My hair is absolutely f*cked from bleaching the hell out of it every couple of months ,and I have had it drilled into me from my hairdresser for yeeeeeears about the importance of using hair masks regularly, so I’m actually going to. Especially now I’m a green-juice-drinking-health-goddess-fitness-worshipper who doesn’t have a social life anymore and is in bed by 8pm- I’ve got plenty of time to. I’ve bought Olaplex and I’m going to mix it with cheaper hair masks to make it last longer. (£30 for the teeniest bottle- WAT.)

Do you find it easier to set smaller, monthly goals to work towards too? Keep me motivated over on my IG!